Minibus Insurance

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Minibus insurance can take a number of different forms. If you’re using the vehicle for personal use then you’ll need a similar type of policy to regular car insurance, but if you’re driving for business or occupational reasons you’ll need to think a little deeper. Commercial minibus insurance will always cost more than a private policy because of the added risk involved, but it’s vital to make sure you’re totally protected whenever you’re on the road.

Be prepared with minibus insurance

Not only is having a basic level of cover a legal requirement for any vehicle on public roads, but the right policy will protect your business and financial interests too. It’s important to be prepared for anything that could come your way, particularly when you’re transporting members of the public, as any unfortunate incident could cost a lot to put right.

Then you’ll need to consider things like breakdown assistance, windscreen protection and replacement vehicle cover—anything that could keep your business going should the worst happen should be included in your policy, thereby ensuring you’re totally prepared for life on the road.

Find the minibus insurance policy that’s right for you

As with all other kinds of insurance, getting the perfect policy for your needs is vital. It should offer the right cover at the right price, and never be tempted to skimp on cover in an attempt to save some cash—instead of that you should try to look for other ways to reduce your premiums, such as increasing your voluntary excess or fitting an alarm if your vehicle hasn’t already got one.

But, the only way to really be confident in getting the right policy for you is to research the area thoroughly, and always choose your insurance firm (and your broker) wisely. They should be able to offer tailor-made policies to ensure you’re getting something that meets your precise circumstances, and things like 24-hour claims lines and UK-based call centres will always be beneficial.